What this site does:

DoestheDogDie.com lets viewers learn the fate of a movie pet without spoiling the rest of the film. The icons offer a quick way to find out what happens. You can click on the title of the film for an explanation which will only contain spoilers relevant to the fate of pets (and occasionally other animal characters) in the film.

Happy Dog Icon: No pets die.
Sad Dog Icon: A pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives.
Crying Dog Icon: A pet dies.

What this site does not do:

  • Review or pass judgment on films. Just because the film has a happy dog icon doesn't mean the film is good. Likewise a sad dog icon doesn't mean the film is bad. Use your own judgement.
  • Track the treatment of animals used during filming. We leave that to organizations like the American Humane Association, the "no animals were harmed during filming" people.
  • List every movie ever made. Do you remember a dog in X-men? A cat in My Best Friend's Wedding? A parakeet in Inception? No? Then there's no point in listing them here.
  • Cover every single instance of something bad happening to an animal in a movie. The focus here is on scenes involving a pet that people like us might find traumatic. If a random horse falls down during a gunfight in Young Guns, you won't find that mentioned here. Ditto animals that die in hunting or fishing scenes, unless it’s exceptionally traumatic.
  • List forms of entertainment other than movies. We'd love to have television shows, video games, books, etc. on the site at some point but right now our hands are full keeping up with movies.
Why are there so few movies listed here where no pets die or are harmed?

We don't give the Does the Dog Die treatment to every movie. The only reason we bother with the happy dog rating is for movies where it seems like a pet might get hurt or die but doesn't. For example, in Seven Psychopaths dogs are kidnapped and occasionally threatened with guns but ultimately none are harmed.
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